NASPE Standard 3

Standard 3: Planning and Implementation

Physical education teacher candidates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

During my 255 class this past semester I taught six different lessons ranging from five minutes long to twenty five minutes long.  I taught skills in many different areas such as jump roping, curling and even hip-hop. As the year progressed, not only did the length in my lessons increase, but so did my knowledge of planning  and implementing physical education lessons. For my last lesson, hip-hop dance, I was able to plan an effective and well-prepared lesson using the following documents:

Lesson plans are a very effective way to include all of the content necessary for the lesson into a condensed form.  In my lesson plan, I was able to list all of the challenges and cues for the routine I was teaching while separating it step by step.  I was also to list my objectives for the lesson and put any safety concerns that I needed to address.  Block plans are effective when looking to plan out and entire unit in a specific topic.  My block plan consisted of 12 days with each day having a planned warm up, introduction, lesson focus, fitness element and closure.  This is extremely beneficial for teachers when planning out a unit because it gives a general idea of the progress that will be made over the unit as well as the different focuses and activities planned for each day.  A scope and sequence form is beneficial when dealing with a specific unit over a wide range of age groups.  On my scope and sequence, you are able to see what knowledge the students should have after the hip-hip until.  For the younger grade levels such as kindergarten, students need to be able to utilize the space around them while leaping, hopping and jumping in space. As the grade levels get higher, so does the expected skill level, which is shown for twelfth grade where students are expected to choreograph and perform their own hip-hop routine.  The activity progression sheet is useful by being able to see the easiest possible skill for hip-hop and know how it can progress into the hardest most complex skill.  These progression sheets can be helpful because  no two students are ever on the same skill level during an activity.